Artiste, Music Producer

LEGAL NAME Cecil A. Joseph Jr

Coming from the city of Roseau and the Beautiful island Dominica, Cecil “thaWizZarD” Joseph Jr was born June 26th 1988 at 10pm, he started music at the age of 5 by singing and enjoy playing with pots, pans, pencils for drums, hands for lapo cabwit and singing in church.

BOOKINGS Mr Cecil Joseph 767-275-8880 MUSIC PURCHASE Apple Music

Mr. Joseph Jr went to S.M.P where he learn how to do music better with the help of many teachers like Clint Henderson out of WCK, then finally on the journey to Man Hood Sang until he ended Up singing with a Band Called Kross Vybez. His interest for music took him to a next and different level when thaWizZarD decided to make his music into my job and life. Being so determined as a young and upcoming musician thaWizZarD knew that the road would be very rough and certainly he knew it wasn’t going to easy. thaWizZarD kept on working hard, no sleep and countless scarifies while being focused though a rocky journey as Cecil A. Joseph Jr to thaWizZarD. Currently he thaWizZarD is now one of Dominica’s Super Producers/ Beat Maker/ Artist…hitting the World With the Sook Pak Riddim , his album “My Tales in a Rich City” while singing multiple genres of music with Bouyon & Reggae being his favorite.