WCK is a Dominican musical force formed in 1988 to fill a void left by several of Dominica’s most internationally recognized bands such as Exile One, Grammacks and others. The group heralded a resurgence of live music and created a new wave in Dominican musical evolution.

WCK dominated the musical landscape for more than two decades with a string of hit songs and a legion of fans who grooved to their music throughout the region as well as in the UK, Canada, USA and everywhere their music was played. Affectionately known as CK, the band’s sound is a Dominican and Caribbean cultural and musical highlight of the last and present century. The band which brought us Culture Shock, Balance Batty, Original Hold Them, Bouyon Connection, Pride and Joy, Riddim Like Rain, Mete Veye and so much more is a relatively new outfit led by the venerable bassman Keith Goddard of the original WCK and comprised of other talented Dominican musicians who continue to keep the Bouyon sound playing.