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The Smith Brothers, often referred to as the Jackson 5, is a band from the Commonwealth of Dominica which officially started in the year 2015. They consist of four brothers: Marxian Smith, Michaj Smith, Mighan Smith and Micah Smith. They come from the community of Wallhouse.BOOKINGS Contact us by or call 767-276-9193 767-317-4914


Each member started their musical journey at tender ages performing on the worship team at their local church. It is because of their love and passion for the music that they continue steadfastly in their career. The brothers have performed at some of Dominica’s major events such as Kwéyol Wandezvous 2018, World Creole Music Festival Oct 2018, Jazz N’ Créole 2019, just to name a few. They also organised their first concert in 2017 as well as a series of shows listed below: The Smith Brothers Live in concert 9th June 2018 ‘Reggae Mashup’ from ‘Da Coda Season’ The Smith Brothers Live in concert 16th June 2018‘Classy Jazz Night’ from ‘Da Coda Season’ The Smith Brothers Live in concert 23rd June 2018 ‘Retro Night vol.1’ from ‘Da Coda Season’ To date, the brothers have released 4 singles namely: ‘You Are My World’, ‘So Fine’, ‘Meant To Be’ and ‘You’re The One’. As they aspire to deliver quality music, they remain committed to the call.