Formed August 2010, Signal Band has introduced to Bouyon Music a distinct attention to lyrical craft, infectious melodies and rhythms.

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The youthful group has adopted a style which it dubs as Bouyon Love with two successful projects of that kind being “Baby Come Back” and “Ani Ba Yo Love.” In 2018, Signal Band released its debut Bouyon album “Signature,” with domestic and regional features, allowing it to top Dominican and Caribbean streaming charts. Other successful projects of the band include Riddim Drop, Land of D Bouyon and 10:1. The group of young Bouyon Ambassadors has travelled to perform these singles and many more in countries such as Anguilla, Bequia (St. Vincent & Grenadines), and Trinidad & Tobago for Carifesta XIV. They have showcased their versatility through accompaniment of QTS Talent Search, DBS Christmas Song Contest, Junior Calypso Monarch, Farmer Nappy, Kerwin Du Bois, Preedy, Marzville, Dominica’s Lady of Song Ophelia Marie, and participation in the NCCU Cadence-Lypso Competition.

In its capacity as promoter, the group has successfully hosted several events; with the highest in magnitude being Lumi-Nation Jouvert Band, 2-peat Best Jouvert Band awardees.

Signal continues to support numerous events and pageant contestants in the capacity of sponsor. The group has donated to non-profit organizations, while being the host of two anti-violence campaigns; thus, being awarded at the National Youth Rally 2013 for Music and Community Development.