Carnival & WCMF Stakeholder, Event Organizer/Promoter

LEGAL NAME inCognito Experience

inCognito Experience or inCognitoX for short, after only 4 years since its inception in 2017, has changed the wave of the entertainment industry in Dominica! From its first very first Hawaiian themed event “TiKi TIME” – a Summer boat party; inCognitoX has built a loyal fan base and has developed a diverse repertoire of annual events with their fans constantly craving more!

inCognitoX aims to deliver eXtraordinary eXperiences that eXceed eXpectations. We can be described as Event Producers, Promoters, Fete Enthusiasts and Entertainment Specialists. Our main goal is to create as well as collaborate on activities that offer patrons an avenue to achieve optimal gratification through pure vibes, clean fun and an unforgettable experience. Other popular events include:

Wine Down (February, Carnival): a collaboration with Feterz Inc, held at the Orchid House on the beautiful, breezy mountain top of Mero. Patrons enjoyed complimentary wine as well as watched the sunset and danced to music by Dominica’s and some of the region’s top DJs all night. Food and free massages included.

SOCA & MIMOSAS (June): a bottomless mimosas day fete delivering endless Soca vibes during the beginning of summer. Fun, Frolic and Food galore. Look out for an orange themed SOCA & MIMOSAS 2021.

NOiSE: The Silent Headphones Party (Independence season): The name speaks for itself on this one. Ironically enough, NOiSE is a silent headphones party where our local DJs battle it out across different channels playing at the exact same time. It’s a fete where you have some control over what music you want to party to.

PRIMERA (New Year’s Day fete): Kickstart the New Year with the first fete of the year! Extremely affordable event to ring in the new year and set the pace for all the manifestations and good vibes for your year. A mix of DJs, local artistes as well as internationally acclaimed artists are featured.

inCognitoX founded by Gabrielle Abraham and Akihah André, may be a small group of 8 young people, namely; MaliQue Stuart, Deion Anselm, Shahida Cruickshank, Karla Henry, Saryta Akpa and Mar’Lee James, however, they are making a BIG name for themselves as Dominica’s upcoming major event planners. Two of the group’s major collaborative milestones includes collaborating with the DFC on the VIP experience at the SUNRISE carnival event as well as the Forecourt experience at the 2019 staging of the WCMF. With events in Dominica being rebirthed since COVID we look forward to seeing YOU at our next event!”