Carnival Stakeholder

LEGAL NAME Hysteria Inc

Fun, memories, passion, creativity, confidence, vibrance, power, and culture describe the undertones of Hysteria Mas. An evolving partnership of young Professional Dominicans created Hysteria Mas in 2014 which permanently changed the footprint of Dominica’s Carnival. Hysteria Mas introduced an exclusive and modern experience for masqueraders in Dominica.


The objective of the organization is to commit to our social mission by celebrating diversity, support the local art industry and encourage education enhancement while promoting Dominica’s rich culture and supporting the development of Dominica’s Carnival product.

We continue to incorporate the rich culture and diverse creatives while embracing the unique depth of our heritage and history to produce an unparallel experience into the artform. With superb service and unique on-the-road experience the masqueraders get the opportunity to create ‘Carnival Unscripted’. Hysteria Mas is driven by our social mission and believe we have a unique opportunity to provide Dominicans with the ultimate carnival experience that is underscored by innovation, quality costumes and exceptional customer service. We support local artists, fashion designers, seamstresses, musicians, chefs and other small businesses to provide goods and services for our production. Our support gives budding artists a platform to showcase their work and expand their network including their professional mobility.

At the core of it all, Hysteria Mas’ mission is to unleash the ‘Hysteric’ in every masquerader. Hysteria loves you!