LEGAL NAME Milva Irish Bellot

Authentically Dominican. Born in the town of Portsmouth and raised in the heart of Roseau, Dhar’Gelle seeks to produce a fresh twist to Dominican music with her unique vocals, lyrics and musical beats.

BOOKINGS Benison J Bellot 767-265-7724

She has been at the background of many hits for the last 10 years in the least. Some of them, ‘False hair’, ‘Tongue to long’ by Halibut, pieces under the Madrass Riddim, calypsos from Hunter, Webb, Young Bull, Reggea pieces from Silk Asara, Attunya and so many more. With a burst of confidence, Dhar’Gelle brings out her true self into the spotlight capturing audiences with their playlist favorites and her own beautiful compilations. She is available to perform at every event due to her versitility and enjoys most performing at Weddings and Lounge Events. In an attempt to build awarness on boosting self confidence in people, she shares her journey with us in each and every performace.