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food vendors

11: Don Samuel

12: The Cassava Man

13: Jordan Daniel

14: Douglas Ice Cream

Downstairs Officer’s Quarters: Jeanne’s Cuisine

drinks vendors

1: ShirStar Liqueur Lodge

2: The Nook

3: Konnet Vive Bar

4: Lennon Cassell

5: Janus Bar

6: Pablo’s Coconut Bar

Food Menus
Drinks Menus

Bar#9 fine foods inc

Bar#11 belfast estate ltd

Boutique Dominik

Melanin Touch Danar Andrew
A3 | Home décor products & customized items(pillows, towels, mugs etc)

KrixTox Touch Kristelle Joseph
A2 |
Home décor products & customized items(pillows, towels, mugs etc)

Dominica Craft Association Vanessa Winston
A10 | Local Craft – earrings, hats, bags

Wellness Association Terri Henry
A5 | 
Wellness products to include, lip balms, oils, face masks, skin care products….

Ngaska Clementine Affana
A7 | Bags, Clothing & Jewelry

Creatively Crafted Kayla London
 | Local Craft – earrings, hats, bags

Te’Lavi Natural Tatiana Laville
 |  Natural Products

National Cooperative Credit Union Shari Boyd
A1 | Information Booth

National Bank of Dominica Adrie Letang
A6 | Information Booth

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VIP Experience

What does VIP include

The ticket price includes the following:

• Unlimited Drinks

• Food and Dessert Station

• Lounge 

• Photo Station with Professional Photographer

• Security

• Private Restroom Access

• An All-Inclusive VIP Jazz Experience

National Park Rules

We wish to remind patrons that Jazz ‘n Creole will be held within the Cabrits National Park, and as such there should be no smoking at the venue neither are glass bottles allowed into the venue.


Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Sutton Place Hotel

Josephine Gabriel & Co Ltd