Tropical disco FAQ

What is included in the price?

VVIP – gets premium all inclusive food and drinks and access to all amenities in the VIP Village.

PVIP – gets premium drinks inclusive and access to most of the VIP Village excluding certain areas such as (but not limited to) the food court and Amphitheatre.

Am I able to take pictures with the artists back-stage?

VIPs will not have backstage access, however… Artists are expected to mix and mingle within the vip village.

Both PVIP and VVIP will have premiere front stage access to witness the show live.

VVIP will have access to elevated and screen augmented areas to provide a more comfortable show viewing experience.

Where is all this located?

The VIP Village will be in the same place as 2019 however we are planning a new and improved layout.

What access do the packages allow?

VVIP: All VIP Areas

PVIP: Most VIP Areas with certain exclusions.

VIPs also have full access to the General Admission (GA), however you may not take food nor drink outside of their designated areas. (i.e. VVIP cannot bring food outside of the food court, VVIP nor PVIP can bring drinks into GA)

Does PVIP have access to unlimited food?

PVIP is not food inclusive. Only VVIP is food inclusive.

We will have a full premium alcoholic bars throughout the VIP Village?

Some of these bars will be specialty bars with special drinks. Such as our dedicated Cigar pairing Scotch and our Champagne Bar.

In addition we will have mixologists throughout the village bars to create special cocktails.

Can I buy a nightly ticket?

Only season tickets are available. Season ticket will come with individual tickets for each night.

Are any of the tickets refundable?

All ticket purchases are non refundable.

No refunds or transfers due to inability to attend World Creole Music Festival VIP Experience, as a result of transportation interruption and any force majeure, acts of God such as earthquake, hurricane, flooding, pandemic or any other natural disaster. If this event has to be rescheduled, the original tickets will be honored for the new date and time.

All tickets purchased online are final. There will be no exchange of tickets on the ticketing platform online. Persons can decide to sell their tickets to change their tier as required.