afrikulture stilt walkers

Stilt walkers (Bwa Bwa) from Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies


Welcome to Thunder Birds Band Fan Page! We are a cultural organization located on the island of Dominica, participating in many festivities on the island.



“I must say I was rather impressed with Pulse. Service was exceptional, the music was great, the food was great, the entire atmosphere you all created was welcoming. I enjoyed every bit of my time spent in this band. This was my first time joining a costume band and I was not disappointed not one bit. Pulse you all will most definitely be getting my money again next year. 5 stars”


Words cannot express how grateful we are for your support, your energy and your love. Amnesiacs you are the best!!! Amnesia girls you pretty pretty

Amnesia men you run Carnival Tuesday

Our sponsors we look forward to your continued support. Our Djs and our artists keep the rhythm going, keep the music flowing!! Next year will be our 5th Anniversary. We look forward to bigger, better and unique …..wait for it…

To our servers, security, models, drivers, musicians, friends, supporters, makeup artiste, builders, photographers, seamstresses…..Thank You All”

hysteria mas

When Hysteria Mas comes out, the streets become our canvas and the “Hysteric” becomes the artist, free to create their Carnival Unscripted.

In 2014 Hysteria Mas was born of a partnership of Dominican professionals, to permanently change the tune of Dominica’s Carnival. As a diverse team filled with passion, love of culture, tenacity and resilience we want our loyal masqueraders to know our island culture is alive and well.


triple kay international

Versatile. Energetic. Youthful. Rythmic- words that come to mind when describing Dominica’s Triple Kay Band. Founded by and named after three friends from the community of Laudat, the band has grown over the past 20 years into a brotherhood of 7 committed musicians who have produced over nine albums, released hundreds of songs, and docked thousands of hours in performances around the globe!


KLUBIRD is a club dedicated to the social/fun side of the department which raise funds in other for the club to participate at the annual IRD games.

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