Octeto Kanaima

Octeto Kanaima is a Venezuelan jazz band which showcases Venezuelan culture in music. The band is a small group which represents what is known as “The System” in Venezuela. “The System” started as a social program in the 1970s as a means of introducing children and youth to music as an alternative to life on the street, so that they could become music professionals and responsible citizens.  

“The System” has grown from being simply a school for music and has become a movement and is an important expression of Venezuelan culture through music. There are about 25 different orchestras and music bands as part of “The System” and who perform worldwide.  

Octeto Kanaima was formed by pulling 8 skilled jazz musicians from the larger Simon Bolivar jazz band which is part of “The System”. This energetic octet is ready to exchange their rich Venezuelan culture with the people of Dominica at Jazz ‘n Creole 2023.