The Cadence All Stars

Cadence Allstars

The Cadence AllStars brings together some of the best of Dominica’s musicians to perform uniquely Dominican music and will feature:

Fitzroy Williams: founding member of the Exile One band.  Williams is a keyboard player and composer of the many hits that we enjoy from this great Dominican icon, he also was in the making of Cadencelypso.

Cornell Phillip: one of the creators of ‘Bouyon Music’ and came from the WCK, group.  Phillip is an extraordinary keyboard player, and, also works with his many groups, Fanatik, C-squared, and Bouyon Pioneers.

Jerry Moulon: one of the most accomplished commercial guitarists on island once played with the very versatile group, Roots Stem Branches, (RSB) he presently works with the Fanatik Band.

Jason Joseph (aka) Frogie:  the drummer from the Triple Kay Band, he’s often called out to do sessions with the likes of Michele Henderson, Gordon Henderson, Ophelia, and Freddie & Friends.

Fred “Freddie” Nicholas: Bass Player, coming from Bill-O-Men and Mighty Arrow fame. He’s very passionate of the Cadencelypso music, and will continue to play it throughout.

Carlyn Xavier Phillip: singer of the C-Squared and Fanatik group, she’s a very electrifying performer and is now the reigning Bouyon Monarch, she has also won the groovy soca title some years ago.

Joy Stoute:  exceptional singer of many styles, she won the Star Quest singing competition held some years back and since then never looked back.