In addition to the big competition, two weekly calypso tents form part of the carnival calypso season.


The Dominica Calypso academy, the Stardom Tent, officially commenced in 1973. The name Stardom came from the record label, of the longest serving band in the Caribbean, Swingin Stars With a star studied collection of musicians, in the likes of Norman Letang, Bing Casimir, Herry ,the Martin brothers,. the former Swingin Teens, quickly stole the spotlight, with Calypso champions the late Tokyo, Spark, Lark and Dyno to name a few. The original Green Grotto was the home of the tent. Presently, with a forty strong membership, Stardom Calypso tent, is the premier calypso tent in Dominica. With six calypso monarchs at the helm, and scores of road March titles, The Stardom tent is a calypso Institution in Dominica. Hunter, Karessah, Scrunter, Daddy Chess, Observer and the only female calypso champion Tasha P, are all former monarchs who have excelled in the calypso art form. The tent also boasts of a strong fusion of royalty, youth, dynamism, and experience. A consistent balance of topical issues and current social commentaries on both sides of the political fence, are the hallmarks of Stardom. At Stardom Tent, one is guaranteed the widest diet of humorous and witty melodies and pulsating hooks and choruses. Dominica is still one of the few places in the Caribbean who can boast of the most original carnival. A fusion of the traditional and contemporary elements with Calypso as the nucleus, still dominates during the pre-lent celebration. In recent years, the economic challenges evoked creativity and diversity from the management. The Kaiso tug of war, Quarter Finals Madness, Sponsors Championship, Royalty night, Road March night, are just a few initiatives, taken by the Tent’s leadership, to raise the standard and quality of the tent. Though Veteran Man Himself, Spider, Chamma and recently Leandra ,have all gone to the wild beyond to meet their creator, their unblemished legacy continues to survive , as their influence and master classes are very evident in the today’s stardomites.

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