About Breve

Breve was pleasantly surprised when “Embrace Dominica” called them “without question, the stars of this year’s (2015) Jazz and Creole Fringe Events…this locale ensemble of exceptionally talented musicians essentially covering all six events and killed it every time.”

The band was started by best friends, jazz/gospel bassist Gomez Drigo and Caribbean/Soul fusion drummer/composer Kenrick Lawrence.  The pair soon recruited Finnish “wind instrument guru”, award winning saxophonist Jussi Paavola.

Jussi and Gomez’s love for jazz and improvisation and Kenrick’s proficiency in Caribbean polyrhythms and soul fusion melded together to form and extremely unique sound.

When young guitar prodigy Marxian Smith and singer/songwriter Jade Leatham joined the trio everything clicked and the Breve sound was born and the band began recording original music. From the first song writing session, which gave birth to local hit “Leve Encore”, the band knew that they were creating something special. Jazz melodies flowed onto Caribbean beats, accented by Marxian’s unique melodious guitar licks and Jade’s rich contralto tone gave the music a style that Kenrick dubbed “Kubuli Jazz”. The addition of Jade to the band definitely made Breve’s sound more contemporary and to complement Jade’s pop tone the band added the final member, keyboardist Leon St. Jean. The addition of his synth tones and warm pads provided the finishing touches to Breve’s signature style that Jade describes as a “hybrid sound; Pop music that is very international but undeniably West-Indian.”

Inside the band house at Gomez’s residence, the band’s excitement for what they were creating was palpable but they didn’t anticipate the enthusiasm of the public for their music. After performing at World Creole Music Festival 2014, Jazz and Creole Mainstage 2014, Nature Isle Literary Festival, Nature Isle Food and Drink Festival and Jazz and Creole Fringe Events in 2015 the fan base has grown exponentially and at their weekly performance at Anchorage’s Word, Sound and Power event they are humbled and gratified at hearing the audience sing along to “Way Oh”, “Welcome to my Island” and crowd favorite “Party Weekend”.

Although they are pleased with the local response and growing popularity , the band has their sights on making Breve a household name in the Caribbean and ultimately in the international music scene, putting Dominica on the map.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/brevemuzic/