Afrikulture Stilt Walkers Inc., locally called “Bwa Bwa” was formed in 1996 to continue with the West African tradition of “stilt-walking”.  The aim of the Band is to make a difference and impression at every occasion that presents itself, furthermore, seeking to preserve one of the many art forms of the Nature Isle.

Persons wishing to tag along for the fun on the road on Carnival Tuesday can register with any of the following members of the Committee:

Group Leader: Ferdinand Webster (1-767-225-2782/613-5248)

Deputy Leader: Cassandra Augustine-Dewhurst (1-767-285-7224)

Public Relations Officer: Dowane Charles (1-767-265-3464)

Facebook:  Afrikulture Stilt Walkers, Inc ( or Dominica Afrikulture Stilt Walkers (Bwa Bwa Crew) ( )

Instagram: afrikulture_stilt_walkers_inc