West-African in origin, this costume has made a comeback in recent years. Made of frayed rope, leaves and other material, it is always accompanied by a mask and often horns. It is quite a sight in the streets.

  • Lapeau Kabwit
  • Black Devils
  • Bwa Bwa (Stilt Walkers)
  • Steel Pan



2017 Parade Dates

Saturday February 04, 2017:
Mas Domnik 2016 Opening Parade & Official Ceremony

Monday February 27, 2017:
J’Ouvert, 4:00AM – 10:00AM

Youth & Traditional Mas, 10:00AM –

T-Shirt Bands, Time

Tuesday February 28, 2017:
Costume Bands, 10:00AM

Last Lap

Groups and individuals wishing to participation in the official parades need to submit their interest to the Dominica Festivals Committee:

Location:  Ground Floor Financial Centre
Telephone:  (767) 448-4833

Register Online

Other Important Dates

Tuesday 21, 2017: Ole Mas and Sensay Festival, Portsmouth, 7:00PM

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Old Mill Cultural Centre
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